Polymerization of a divalent/tetravalent metal-storing atom-mimicking dendrimer

K. Albrecht, Y. Hirabayashi, M. Otake, S. Mendori, Y. Tobari, Y. Azuma, Y. Majima, K. Yamamoto
Science Adv. 2016, 2, e1601414.

The phenylazomethine dendrimer (DPA) has a layer-by-layer electron density gradient that is an analog of the Bohr atom (atom mimicry). In combination with electron pair mimicry, the polymerization of this atom-mimicking dendrimer was achieved. The valency of the mimicked atom was controlled by changing the chemical structure of the dendrimer. By mimicking a divalent atom, a one-dimensional (1D) polymer was obtained, and by using a planar tetravalent atom mimic, a 2D polymer was obtained. These poly(dendrimer) polymers could store Lewis acids (SnCl2) in their unoccupied orbitals, thus indicating that these poly(dendrimer) polymers consist of a series of nanocontainers.