Tokyo Institute of Technology,
Chemical Resources Laboratory, Smart Material Division

Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science Engineering
Department of Environmental Chemistry Engineering



2015-05-16@Open capmus of our lab.
2015-04-23@Assoc. Prof. M. Yoshizawa, Nagase Research Award.
2015-04-02@Welcome six new students!
2015-03-13@Mr. Y. Li's work, frontispiece in Org. Chem. Front.
2015-03-08@Science Cafe for high school students
2015-02-16@AIEE Micelles, highlight in ACS Noteworthy Chemistry
2015-02-16@Ms. K. Sugimoto, Best Master Thesis Award in our department
2015-02-16@Mr. H. Takahashi, Best Poster Award in our department
2015-01-27@Assist. Prof. T. Koike, CSJ Presentation Award for Next Generation



(C) Akita-Yoshizawa Laboratory, TIT