Metal-organic hybrid nanomaterials have a potential for synergistic functions like metallo-proteins, because they have huge diversity in their design and synthesis. A general strategy to provide this class of materials controlling the exact formula and structure is one of the most important keystone for the next-generation nanotechnology.
We currently focus on a new field “Precise Synthetic Chemistry of Inorganic Materials”. Construction of a novel concept in this field, and the application for environmental, biomimetic and energy science and engineering is our challenge.



Concept of the Precise Synthetic Chemistry of Inorganic Materials

Current Activity

The YAMAMOTO group, a member of  Chemical Resources Laboratory, Tokyo Institute of Technology, relaunched our research activity in March, 2010. Currently we are promoting national research projects granted by MEXT (Ministory of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan) and JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency) to improve the cutting-edge chemistry, nanotechnology and material science.

"Coordination Programming" Project supported by MEXT Japan

"Nanometal" Project supported by JST

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