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R. Tanaka (Tokyo Kosen) joined our lab.
S. Aoyama was awarded Macromole. Sympo. Poster Award!
Q. Zhou and H. Chen (Chinese student) joined our lab.
Our work was selected by Supramole. Chem. Collection.
Y. Hashimoto was awarded SOC Poster Award!
Assoc. Prof. T. Sawada's research was highlighted in
CLS web page.
M. Ueda's paper was published in Chem. Sci.
Midsummer gifts from our past students.
Dr. Y. Tanaka was awarded EOC Incentive Award !
Y. Katagiri was awarded SHGSC Poster & RSC Awards !!
N. Kishida was awarded SHGSC Poster Award !
Renovation of Assoc. Professor's room (R1-220)
Dr. Y. Tanaka was awarded Nanoscale Horizon Award !!
Our molecules were highlighted in Book "Supramolecular Chemistry (Wiley, 3rd Ed.)"
Suzukake Science Day (Open Campus)
Dr. Y. Tanaka was awarded the Young Scientistsf Award
Yoshizawa & Sawada Lab. begins with new members !
Assoc. Prof. Tomohisa Sawada joined our lab.
Our research introduction (video) was released.


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