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 Many summer greeting gifts (08/2020)


We would like to thank many summer greeting gifts (Ochuugen) from our previous members. Thank you very much!

 summer gifts 1, 2

 Tsutsui's article published in Chem. Sci. (07/2020)


A Tsutsui and Dr. Catti's article was published in Chem. Sci. in collaboration with Dr. K. Yoza (Bruker). They prepared a complex mixture of nanocapsules (up to 42 isomers) and converted them into a single product by an external stimulus.
 Tsutsui-kun (2nd right)  Link (open access)

 Kishida's article published in JACS (05/2020)


A Kishida's (master course student) article was published in J. Am. Chem. Soc. in collaboration with Dr. H. Sakurai (Osaka Univ.) and Y. Tanaka (Tokyo Tech). She revealed the acceleration of bowl-to-bowl guest inversion within a spheroidal nanocapsule. Congratulation to Kishida-san!
 Kishida-san (left) Link

 Dobashi's article selected as a Hot Paper (05/2020)


A Dobashi (master course student) and Dr. Catti's article was selected as a Hot Paper of Angew. Chem. They prepared new nanocapsules with N-doped polyaromatic panels and revealed thier host functions.
 Dobashi-kun & Dr. Catti Link

 Three new students joined (04/2020)


One Master-course student, Yuasa-san (from Shizuoka Univ.) and two undergraduate students, Katagiri-san (from Kitasato Univ.) and Ueda-san (from Tokyo Tech) joined our lab. Welcome to the new members!

 all of our members 1, 2

 The Yoshizawa Lab. began! (01/04/2020)
We started a new laboratory with five members on the 2nd floor of Laboratory for Chemistry and Life Science (R1 Building). Our staff and student rooms were renovated in time and laid with new leaf green and rose color carpets, respectively. We would like to develop new functional nanotools usable in water through our own strategies.

 student room  staff room  presents 1, 2

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